Friday, 28 October 2011

What is karur famous for ?

 Karur is a small city lcoated in tamil nadu.After staying in karur , i came to know about many unknown facts.They are,

1.It is the home/base of the very famous karur vysya bank.
2.It is asia's one of the largest bus body building centers.The speciality lies in the manual body building where in the bus owners can choose their own bus designs and structures,which is normally not possible with automated system of bus body building.
3.It is also very famous for textiles.The reason is that  it is located near Coimbatore,which is the manchester of south india.
4.karur houses the famous kalyana pasupadhesswarar temple.
5.Other than these things we can find many cbse schools in karur.
6.The famous chettinad cement factory is located in pulur in karur.

Upto to my knowledge these are the things that sparks me when i think of karur..

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