Saturday, 29 October 2011

F1 in India

In India as for as sports is concerned cricket is everything.Cricket is famous to the level that it makes people to think that it is the national game.Infact hockey is the national game of india.

Now as an indian i am very proud to hear that F1 racing is happening in India.But the popularity of F1 in india is very poor.Critics say that there is a bigger business perspective in bringing F1 racing to india.Beyond the criticism Indians are happy to see great F1 drivers like michael schumacher speaking to television channels.Here are some informations to people who like me wants to know about F1 racing.let me put it in steps for easy reference,

Inagural session happened in 1950
most interestingly "formula" means set of rules that the participants car should meet
In india this is the first time F1 grand prix is happening.(in oct 2011)
grands prix means grand prizes,here most interestingly the drivers and the car constructors need to possess a license to participate in this racing.The license is known as super license.
Greater Noida is the place where this time F1 grand prix is held.

cheke de india!!!!!!!

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