Friday, 28 October 2011

How to start trading in share market?

how to start trading in share market?

I love to trade as many others. i am trading in Indian sensex and Nifty markets.I had this question in my mind before start i would like to provide some information so that it will be easy for newbies.

step 1:
To trade in any market you need to have demat account.
Demat account can be opened with registered DPs like

share khan
sbi demat
HDFC demat and so on.

Demat account forms will be available with these registered DPs.

step 2:
Demat account normally has two ways of access like

offline mode
online mode

offline mode:here you will call your DP appointed person and ask him to buy shares with the money in your demat account.

online mode:here you will be given a software terminal and you can buy and sell shares on your own.

step 3:
Now choose your way of access and say to your DP which mode of access do you can even have both ways of access in your pocket.Personally i have the access to both online and offline mode.offline mode can be used when you are out..

step 4:
After filling the demat account forms ,now you need to provide a cheque of desired amount with which you want to trade.Some DPs have minimum balance limit like Rs.10000.

step 5:
This is the waiting period,it takes atleast a week to get your demat account approved from the date of submission of the form.

thats it now u are ready to trade.HAPPY TRADING.

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