Saturday, 29 October 2011

How to find my missing mobile phone ?

Missing mobile phones is increasingly popular and with latest technologies there is no need of panic !!

Most precautious way to do  to protect mobile phones of any model and company is to note down the IMEI number.IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and this number can be known by simply typing   *#06#  on the keypad.Incase the mobile phone is lost this IMEI number can be used to trace your mobile phone,in the worst case you can ask your service provider to block the mobile phone.This will make the mobile phone useless with any operator's sim. More interestingly,mobile manufacturers provide handy solutions to this.For example apple iphones have their options to protect their phones like undercover ,Mobile me service, Find my iphone app,gadget trak,traptrace.In samsung one can use a sms based protection system which my friend is using now.Here you need to enter a phone number which will be stored in the phone.Now when any one changes sim ,now a message will be sent to the stored phone number stating that sim is changed in our mobile.In the case of theft we can know which sim is being used in our that we can directly deal with that person.

so many mobile phone vendors have started giving support to theft protection.But one of the best way to protect our mobile is note the IMEI number because it works with any kind of mobile phone even with very old non-multimedia mobile phones.

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